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We hope to provide more general information about IVF and infertility, to help empower communities to support couples who are having difficulties getting pregnant.

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Family is the most important part of our lives. Who we have become today, a big part of it has been shaped by our families; our values, beliefs, skill sets, health and even our perspective on relationships.

Growing up, most of us believed that building a family of our own is the “next phase of life” after getting married. We start by focusing on our careers, building financial security. What we did not know was that some of us would actually be struggling to get pregnant. That it wasn’t as easy as “just do it and see two lines on the pregnancy test kit 2 weeks later”.

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Contrary to popular belief, infertility is really common. 1 in every 5 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. That is like having a group of 5 friends over for dinner at your place, and that one person there is struggling to get pregnant; which may be you.

There is something fundamentally saddening about the thought that we may not have kids of our own. Especially in our Asian culture where there’s still so much stigma and embarrassment surrounding infertility. It’s difficult to find help and support.

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That is why we decided to set up Fertility Space, a safe space for couples who have difficulties getting pregnant to learn more about infertility and IVF.

We hope to empower communities to better understand and support couples who are going through infertility.

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