In vitro Fertilization (IVF)

A step-by-step guide to help you understand what is IVF or In vitro fertilization, and what to expect if you are planning to start IVF.

An Overview of IVF: A Complete Guide

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The IVF process may be slightly different from one doctor to another, and from one fertility clinic to another. It can be very confusing when researching and comparing information.

We aim to help you to break down the entire IVF process to a step-by-step guide. This helps you understand what to expect when starting IVF, and to better prepare yourselves for the IVF journey.

What is IVF | IVF Baby?


We help explain what IVF or IVF babies are in simple terms. Also, find out why IVF may be needed.

Who Needs IVF?


Do we need IVF? Here, we explore certain medical conditions in which couples may likely have to start IVF.

IVF Success Rates

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We help you make sense of IVF success rates, and what they mean to you.

What to Prepare Before Starting IVF?

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There's so many things to consider before starting IVF. We have created a checklist to make it easier for you.

Understanding the IVF Process: A Step-by-step IVF Guide

Fertility Space - What to expect during your consultation with doctors and fertility clinics in Kuala Lumpur

The IVF process is not as complicated as it looks. We help you to break it down in this easy to understand guide.

Choosing your Fertility Clinic

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There are so many fertility clinics out there. How do we decide on which one to go to?

Choosing your Fertility Doctor

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We have heard of so many fertility doctors. Who should we pick?

Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Get in Touch with Our Fertility Advisors for IVF Support

Our fertility advisors will guide you on the step-by-step process and recommend you fertility doctors and clinics